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Waste Oil Collections

Waste Oil Collections

Oil Salvage is a well-established family business that has operated from Merseyside since 1986. At Oil Salvage we make sure that you, the customer get the best possible service out of the packages that we provide.

At Oil Salvage Ltd we can provide ‘one off’ waste oil collections or regular scheduled waste oil collection of your oil, contaminated oil or surplus virgin oils. Waste oil is classified as hazardous waste and needs to be stored on your site in an environmentally safe manner. Hazardous waste is dangerous or potentially harmful to people or the environments health. Hazardous wastes can be such things as:

  • Liquids
  • Solids
  • Gases
  • And Sludge’s

Hazardous waste should not dumped into a landfill like other waste. It needs to be disposed of responsibly to prevent hazards to human and/or environmental health. Hazardous Waste can also effect other working environments such as offices, janitorial supplies, building materials and e-waste are just some elements that can harm employees and local residents, as well as animals and plants. It can contaminate soil and any local water supply, even polluting the air you breathe. Not disposing of hazardous waste properly can lead to your organisation obtaining fines and even lawsuits.

With full UK coverage Oil Salvage Ltd is just a phone call away and at least one of our fleet of tankers is in your area with a professionally trained ADR qualified driver.  Once we have arranged the waste oil collection of your oil you can relax, confident that not only will your oil be transferred, re-processed and quality tested to the highest possible standards but you could be turning your waste oil collection service and we provide you with the correct legal documentation to ensure you are one the right side on Environmental Agency.

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Garage Waste

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Since 1986, Oil Salvage has provided a wide range of environmental waste services including waste collections for garage services. Our services helps garage manage their waste without disrupting their business. Oil Salvage Ltd can help your garage by collecting an array of wastes including the following:

  • Waste Engine Oil
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Used Oily Rags & Absorbents
  • Batteries
  • Anti-freeze
  • Mixed Fuels
  • Thinners
  • Empty and Full Drums Plus Containers
  • Parts Washer Fluid
  • Break Cleaner Fluid
  • And Aerofoils

From the provision of different labelled colour-coded bins and containers for different categories of waste and hazardous wastes to organising all the associated paperwork and administration. Oil Salvage Ltd ensures to help you every step of the way by taking the workload from you at every stage.

Our specialist oil disposal services are individually shaped to meet your personal needs and our support services gives you immediate access to our experts. We offer our services from the smallest individual garage owner to dealerships with large chains of garages and industries throughout the country we can accommodate your waste engine oil removal.

At Oil Salvage Ltd we provide part cleaning equipment along with other specialist equipment throughout the UK. We service the equipment to the highest possible standards and remove the hazards waste  produced by the cleaning process. You will have clarity knowing we are there to take care of you and provide all the legal environmental paperwork you require.

We make it possible to buy or rent a variety of machine suitable for small workships through to large industrial operations. We provide advice compliance for the equipment. Equipment available includes:

  • Parts washers standard 240v/110v
  • Parts washers commercial 240v/110v
  • Mobile Low Level Units
  • Aqueous Break Cleaner
  • Spray Gun Cleaner

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Imports/Exports & Storage

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With Oil Salvage being located at the Liverpool docks, this have given us the added advantage of being able to be the UK’s leading oil importers and oil exporters, even industrial waste water from countries all over the UK.

We have a certified pipeline that can transfer oils and water from the docks directly into our 20,000 tonne capacity tank farm. The movement of waste oil is governed by the Trans-frontier Shipment of Waste Regulations. (TFS)

We can complete all the paperwork on your behalf to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Our expertise in being one of the biggest oil exporters and oil importers in the North West gives us the ability to walk you through the process and make sure you’re safe.

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Wastewater Treatment

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Here at Oil Salvage Ltd, we have our very own Waste Water Treatment Plant. Since our inception in 1986 we have been at the forefront of technological advancement for wastewater treatment and our facility has some world renowned equipment to process our customer’s troublesome waste streams. Wastewater treatment is a process used to convert wastewater which is no longer suitable into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental impact. Treatment means removing impurities from water via physical & chemical processes such as:

  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Polishing
  • Distillation
  • Separation
  • Reverse Osmosis & More

Disposal of wastewaters can be difficult and a costly problem for our customers. Here at Oil Salvage Ltd our onside waste water facility can treat your wastewaters so that the pollutant concentrations are treated and minimised in order to comply with the local and national regulations regarding disposal of wastewater.

Oil Salvage Ltd has a vast array of storage tanks for the secure holding of all our customers’ wastewaters. Our entire facility is self-contained meaning any loss of containment can be controlled with minimal to no environmental impact.

Our business thrives to achieve the highest of Environmental standards; we show this commitment to our internal & external stakeholders via our ISO 14001 accreditation. The business has the ability to discharge the processed waste via the foul sewer infrastructure; we remain compliant to do this via our Discharge Consent.

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Marine Waste

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Oil Salvage is a family ran business that has been operating from Merseyside since 1986. Since our inception, we have managed to provide our services from Liverpool to a nationwide service industry. Providing a wide array of services including MARPOL Waste. We are proud to say that we are UK’s leading specialists in marine waste disposal and collects all types of MARPOL wastes and operates 24 hours a day to accommodate tight deadlines. We possess a range of specialised equipment and vehicles to facilitate a wide range of services for the marine industry. We provide fully trained operators to work in limited access areas.

All MARPOL waste must be disposed via a registered land-based facility according to current environmental legislation. At Oil Salvage we are fully permitted by the Environmental Agency to handle MARPOL waste via tanker vehicle or for larger quantities via our pipeline direct to our tank farm in Liverpool.

Services we provide:

  • Marine Waste Disposal
  • Specialist pumping equipment for difficult access liquid wastes
  • Off specification bunker fuels removal and replacement
  • Bunker transfer equipment
  • Tank cleaning and decontamination of cargo tanks
  • Dry oil contaminated waste collection (e.g. absorbents, rags and booms)
  • Service to all ports and wharf across the UK
  • Full in house laboratory testing services (UKAS Accredited)
  • We have the capacity to remove quantities ranging from less than one tonne to over 20,000 tonnes in a single collection

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