Garage Waste

Garage Waste

Since 1986, Oil Salvage has provided a wide range of environmental waste services including waste collections for garage services. Our services helps garage manage their waste without disrupting their business. Oil Salvage Ltd can help your garage by collecting an array of wastes including the following:

  • Waste Engine Oil
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Used Oily Rags & Absorbents
  • Batteries
  • Anti-freeze
  • Mixed Fuels
  • Thinners
  • Empty and Full Drums Plus Containers
  • Parts Washer Fluid
  • Break Cleaner Fluid
  • And Aerofoils

From the provision of different labelled colour-coded bins and containers for different categories of waste and hazardous wastes to organising all the associated paperwork and administration. Oil Salvage Ltd ensures to help you every step of the way by taking the workload from you at every stage.

Our specialist oil disposal services are individually shaped to meet your personal needs and our support services gives you immediate access to our experts. We offer our services from the smallest individual garage owner to dealerships with large chains of garages and industries throughout the country we can accommodate your waste engine oil removal.

At Oil Salvage Ltd we provide part cleaning equipment along with other specialist equipment throughout the UK. We service the equipment to the highest possible standards and remove the hazards waste  produced by the cleaning process. You will have clarity knowing we are there to take care of you and provide all the legal environmental paperwork you require.

We make it possible to buy or rent a variety of machine suitable for small workships through to large industrial operations. We provide advice compliance for the equipment. Equipment available includes:

  • Parts washers standard 240v/110v
  • Parts washers commercial 240v/110v
  • Mobile Low Level Units
  • Aqueous Break Cleaner
  • Spray Gun Cleaner

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