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Re-defining waste oil collection with our re-refinery

Ever wondered what we do with your waste oil?

Here at Oil Salvage Ltd, your garage waste is distilled in our on-site re-refinery (built by our partner Sequoia). We recover, refine, and reuse your oil.

From every 1000 litres of oil we collect from your garage, we produce 800 litres of high-quality base oil – the rest we distil into effluent, distillate, and asphalt. We give every drop of oil we collect a new lease on life.

Our re-refinery team in front of the the re-refinery monitors

A greener vision for oil and a GREENER vision for all

Since the Waste Regulations 2011, every waste company must limit the environmental impact of their actions.

We take this one step further than our competitors. Supporting the circular economy is not just about keeping products in circulation, it is also about keeping products local.

Because we re-refine our oil onsite, we produce fewer CO2 emissions than our competitors. We do not have to transport our oil to re-refine it. Therefore, we do not add any additional CO2 emissions into the environment by unnecessarily transporting your oil to a secondary location.

Fly over our high-tech Liverpool waterfront facility

Why we re-refine

For a sustainable waste oil collection choose Oil Salvage Ltd. As we refine your oil, we support the circular economy, providing the best environmental solution available.