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About Us

Oil Salvage Ltd is an independent family-run business. Since its humble beginnings, we have been directed by the Vernon family. Vincent Vernon Snr. founded the company in 1986 and was instrumental in developing a vision for the company. Our current directors Vin Vernon Jnr., Linzi Vernon, Mitch Vernon, and James Vernon continue his legacy.

From the start, we have done nothing but grow. Starting as a small team with a few vehicles, we have built up the company every year. From our original office and yard, we have extended our enterprise to cover both sides of Lyster Road.

As our site has grown so has our innovation. We can now boast that we have built and commissioned our own on-site re-refinery here in the UK. Our re-refinery returns the waste oil we collect to a base oil. We then re-introduce our base oil into circulation and complete the circular economy.

Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do. As a proud member of ORA (Original Recycling Organisation) and UKLA (United Kingdom Lubricants Association), we work with the wider hazardous waste industry to ensure that we are all recycling in line with the Waste Regulations 2011. All our actions are compliant with the waste hierarchy.

photo of director Vin Vernon in front of one of our vehicles

A word from our director Vin Vernon Jnr.

“I joined Oil Salvage Ltd 30 years ago. As we have climbed to the forefront of the waste oil industry, I have had the privilege of developing the company with my co-directors.

The innovation and drive of our team have reshaped our industrial practises and influenced actions throughout our industry.

Our on-site re-refinery has changed the game and the business is now proud to offer a greener solution to waste oil disposal. It is with confidence that we assure you that we support the circular economy and we pledge to dispose of your waste oil in the correct environmental manner.

I strongly believe that sustainably should impact everything we do. As chairman of ORA and a member of UKLA, I am spearheading the implementation of additional change to our services, expanding our reach to a wider field, and collaborating with the relevant government bodies to drive change and progress forward.

As a director of our company, I take immense pride in the fact that Oil Salvage is actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint as well as yours.”

Vin Vernon Jnr, Director

“A Greener Vision”

Re-defining oil collection with our re-refinery

Ever wondered what we do with your waste oil?

Here at Oil Salvage, your garage waste oil is distilled in our on-site re-refinery. We recover, refine, and reuse your oil.

When you choose Oil Salvage, you can sit back and relax knowing that we contribute to the circular economy.

Fly over our high-tech Liverpool waterfront facility