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How to be sustainable this Christmas

a homemade christmas wreath

It can be hard to recycle and be sustainable around Christmas time. So much plastic packaging, mountains of wasted wrapping paper, and glitter everywhere. Therefore, this festive season we are making it simple for you by sharing a couple of ways you can make your Christmas as green as your Christmas tree.


This year, we are literally decking the halls with holly! Our wreaths are made from local leaves by a local gardener. We don’t just recycle garage waste, but we also recycle garden waste.

You could do the same and transform your own leaves into a beautiful decoration. You can easily transform it into a breathtaking centerpiece for your table, mistletoe for under your doors, potpourri for your entranceway, or (if you are feeling ambitious) a garland for your mantelpiece.

Sustainable Wrapping

There are various ways to wrap up your presents:

  • Use recyclable wrapping paper.
  • Make your own wrapping paper (this tip has the added bonus of being a festive activity for children).
  • Use fabric gift bags.
  • Wrap presents with ribbon, not sellotape.

Sustainable Gift Giving

We have all been guilty of re-gifting the strange items your distant relatives get you, but this is not what I mean by giving someone a recycled gift. Instead, this idea as much careful thought and planning as buying the first-hand gift. 

You could make your gifts yourself. If you’re artistic, this is your time to shine. You could handmake the perfect personalised gift. Baked goods in particular are popular for Christmas time. Instead of buying someone a box of biscuits, you could make them one. 

You can also buy your gifts from charity shops. Did you know that you can find first-hand items in charity shops? You could find a hidden gem if only you look.

Additionally, you might have some friends who would enjoy a second-hand gift. Personally, I would love to receive a second-hand book. You might have friends like me who love a good vintage book, or a friend with an insane record collection, or a friend who always has the best vintage clothing. A carefully thought-out charity shop find could be the perfect gift for any of these people. 

Sustainable Decorations

I’ve already mentioned some ideas for using garden waste to be sustainable. But, you could also:

  • Rent a Christmas tree.
  • Bake Christmas cookie decorations.