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The Environmental Impact of Re-refining Oil

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Re-refining waste oil is the best environmental solution. Our re-refinery process has many benefits for the environment. It is more sustainable, productive, and carbon-efficient. 

It Saves Natural Resources 

Re-refined oil saves up to 900 million gallons of crude oil a year. The re-refinery process ensures that we do not have to extract more oil from the ground. Instead, we are utilising every drop of oil already in production. It keeps the existing supply in circulation for as long as possible. This supports the circular economy’s goals to ensure we use and reuse products for their entire lifetime. 

Re-refined Oil Produces More Fuel Per Gallon

1 gallon of motor oil produces as much lube oil as 42 gallons of crude oil. This means that it is a much more cost-efficient and energy-efficient process. Once crude oil is extracted, it still needs to be refined into lube oil. This is a long-winded and time-consuming process. And in the end, it does not produce as much lube oil as re-refining our existing oil supply does.

It Creates Cleaner Air 

Re-refined oil produces 70% fewer CO2 emissions than crude oil. The process of refining used motor oil is considerably more carbon efficient than traditional methods of producing lube oil. This method is environmentally friendly and it produces a more environmental product.