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How Can Oil Salvage Help Your Business?

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Here at Oil Salvage, we collect waste from a variety of businesses all over the UK, from solo mechanics to national dealerships, we cover it all, but how can Oil Salvage help your business?

Free Waste Oil Collections

We know how important it is for businesses to keep their costs down, and that’s why if you’ve got over 800 litres of waste oil, we’ll come and collect it free of charge. That’s right, completely free of charge, with no hidden transport costs or additional fees for your consignment note, you just need to get in touch with our team to arrange a collection and we’ll send a driver to come and collect your waste oil, it really is that simple.

One-Stop Shop

It isn’t just waste oil we collect either, we’re a one-stop shop for all of your garage waste needs. By choosing Oil Salvage, there’s no need to balance multiple costly collection services, as we’ve got you covered for a variety of different garage wastes, so whether it’s used filters, oily rags, antifreeze, mixed fuels, or batteries, we’re everything you need in one place.

Flexible Collections

As we deal with businesses of all sizes, we’re very flexible with our collections and can tailor our services around whatever your business needs. Whether you’re after regular scheduled collections of a variety of garage wastes, or just the occasional waste oil collection as and when you need it, just let us know and we can adapt our services to meet your requirements, working around your opening hours and letting you focus on your day-to-day activities with minimal disruption.

Nationwide Coverage

We may be based in Bootle, but our fleet of tankers and box wagons covers the whole of the UK mainland. That means if you’re a mechanic in Merseyside, have a dealership in Dover, or are an engineer in Edinburgh, it’s no problem for Oil Salvage, our drivers will be out to collect your waste.

A Greener Vision

At Oil Salvage, we guarantee zero waste to landfill, and all of the oil that we collect is treated and processed at our onsite vacuum distillation re-refinery. At our re-refinery, waste oil is recycled back into a base oil, completing the circular economy and ensuring that every drop is given a new lease of life. By choosing Oil Salvage, you can contribute to our greener vision, ensuring that waste oil is correctly and safely treated, drastically reducing the risk that waste oil poses to our environment.

Contact Oil Salvage today and see how we can help solve all of your garage waste needs!